Integrated Management System Policy

REINVEST spol. s r.o. has established itself as a successful, stable, but also dynamical company providing engineering services in the building industry. Our goal is to enable customers to implement their visions with our aid within the determined time, in good quality and under mutually advantageous conditions.

Out fundamental principle is to achieve the level of service quality that will meet or exceed expectations of our customers in the long term, thanks to the following philosophy:

  • continuous improvement of the efficiency of our IMS by means of regular evaluation of our current policy and its goals
  • assuring effective communication with customers, staff and other participants of the business process
  • employment of best specialists in the branch and their motivation to do good job and to save money without affecting quality
  • ongoing evaluation of the portfolio of contractors
  • systematic observation of the requirements of all legal standards (laws, decrees, orders) regarding environmental protection and occupational safety in relation to activities of our Company
  • environmentally friendly operation, focused on prevention of waste generation, systematic waste separation and recycling, and efforts to minimize the volume of waste
  • reduction of the risk of occupational accidents by preventive actions, such as the use of personal protective equipment