We offer services focused on the organization of competitive biddings pursuant to Act 134/2016 Coll., On Public Contracts, for government subsidized organizations, municipalities, etc., including competitive biddings focused on getting grants from EU funds (for example OPPI). We represent a client who is the submitter during the organization of the competitive bidding and ensure that no act or rules applicable to the utilization of such grants may be violated. Our joint goal is to ensure transparent, non-discrimination selection process which is economical, well-organized and appropriate for the submitter. In particular, we are able to reduce the time required for the organization of competitive bidding as much as possible thanks to proper management and flexibility of our Company when preparing necessary documents.

As regards orders for construction works, we are also ready to provide special technical care including, for example, a check of the bill of quantities (or its preparation) and professional assessment of individual bids directly by our Company in collaboration with the project engineer.

Who are our clients?

  • territorial administration units (regions, towns and cities, statutory cities, municipalities)
  • government subsidized institutions
  • recipients of grants from international programs and EU Structural Funds who must observe Act 134/2016 Coll., On Public Contracts, when selecting the contractor
  • recipients of grants from the PHARE program
  • companies, investors and real estate owners

Within the framework of the organization of competitive biddings, we execute the following activities:

  • comprehensive organization of competitive bidding pursuant Act 134/2016 Coll., On Public Contracts, from the formulation of conditions up to notification of results
  • comprehensive organization of competitive bidding pursuant to the PHARE program methodology
  • elaboration of the competitive bidding schedule depending on its type
  • elaboration of the draft of bidding conditions (notification of open bidding, reduced bidding), elaboration of draft evaluation criteria, their consultation with the submitter
  • location of a notice of open or reduced competitive bidding on the Information System of Public Contracts
  • distribution of submission documentation to bidders - reproduction and completion of project documentation and bills of quantities in the required quantity
  • opening of envelopes with bids of individual bidders, elaboration of a report on opening of envelopes with bids
  • organizational activities of the evaluation commission (sending written notices to individual members and substitutes as appointed by the submitter)
  • evaluation of bidders' bids with respect to the correctness of their contents, completeness and fulfilment of submitter's bidding conditions, execution of the "Analysis of Bids", i.e. elaboration of a comparative report on all bids for members of the evaluation commission
  • organization of the evaluation commission activities, participation in the evaluation commission (as an invited expert or as a commission member, if requested by the submitter)
  • elaboration of the "Bids Assessment and Evaluation Report" (record), including reasons for the selection of the best bid and other related reports
  • elaboration of the "Minutes of the Meeting" of the evaluation commission
  • elaboration of the "Decision on Public Contract Award"
  • collaboration with the client in solving bidders' challenges
  • collaboration with the client in settlement of bidder's challenges and appeals at the level of the submitter and at the level of the Office for the Protection of Competition
  • elaboration and submission of the notification of the contract result to the central address of Česká pošta
  • elaboration of an information sheet of a public contract and its sending to the Ministry for Regional Development
  • elaboration of the "Submitter's Written Report", handover of the documents regarding the course of competitive bidding
  • formulation (in collaboration with the submitter) of a binding draft Contract for Work which will be part of the submission documentation
  • elaboration (in collaboration with the submitter) and legal aid to the client when signing a contract with the bidder who submitted the best bid, or aid in signing contracts with the second and third best bidders