Our Company specializes in the execution of the technical supervision of investor which is executed during all the period of construction, including the following activities:

before construction commencement

  • thorough study of the project documentation and contract for work with the construction contractor
  • getting familiar with the construction schedule, or collaboration in its elaboration
  • evaluation of proposed technological procedures with respect to their feasibility and financial costs
  • checks of all specifications to assure that they meet international standards
  • proposal, introduction and management of the quality control system in accordance with specifications and procedures for quality control
  • introduction of corrective actions on the basis of established discrepancies
  • acceptance of setting-out drawings and pegs for the construction setting out (with respect to direction and height) and their protection against damage by the construction operation
  • preparation and handover of the construction site to the construction contractor in accordance with signed construction contracts

during construction

  • checks of technological procedures of the execution of individual building structures and their compliance with the project documentation
  • ensuring the collaboration among the project engineer, superior contractors and contractors of individual professions when proposing and taking actions focused on correction of established faults and when executing justified changes and rationalization improvements
  • takeover of completed works which are to be covered in the following phases of construction
  • systematic execution of prescribed tests
  • monitoring and testing of the operation on the construction site, including the quality of storage on determined premises, use of hygienic facilities and keeping the site clean and in order
  • supervision over correct documentation of the construction progress, checks of keeping the construction log by the contractor, of records made in the construction log by authorized persons and of taking corrective actions by the construction contractor
  • checks of the observance of contract conditions determined in the contract for work, observance of conditions determined in the planning decision and planning permission and of other conditions as imposed by public administration authorities or by other competent authorities
  • monitoring of the construction progress with respect to the approved construction schedule
  • organization of site meetings

documentation of construction progress

  • supervision over regular keeping of the construction log and approval of all records made by the contractor or competent authorities
  • keeping records of works that are not specified in the project documentation and are demanded by the contractor (additional works, changes in the project documentation) and their submission to the investor, including contractor's price offer for such works and own analysis and recommendations for further progress
  • supervision over due execution of prescribed tests and inspections and participation in their execution, including the elaboration of reports on completed tests or inspections
  • checks of prescribed documents for used materials and incorporated products with the contractor (certificates of conformity, test certificates) which must be submitted at the approval procedure so that a permission of user may be issued
  • ensuring the incorporation of any possible changes in the project documentation pursuant to the actual execution

Construction handover and takeover, approval procedure

  • execution of detail inspection of all buildings handed over and elaboration of a list of established defects and arrears, including deadlines for their correction
  • supervision over correction of arrears and collaboration with the budget controller before releasing the retention
  • checks of prescribed documents as required to the work acceptance
  • elaboration of the takeover report
  • active help to the project administrator, architect and general contractor during the approval procedure, submission of all necessary documents for the approval procedure as obtained at the takeover between the construction contractor and investor, including the handover and takeover report
  • help with the final billing of construction

Form of outputs

  • minutes of regular site meetings
  • check sheets for individual construction works
  • regular monthly reports for the investor, including photo documentation of the construction progress
  • regular publishing of minutes of site meetings, project documentation and photo documentation of the construction progress in the client section of our website presentation to make it available to the client and persons authorized by the client at any time