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Organisation of selection procedures

We offer services for the organization of tenders in accordance with Act No. 134/2016 Coll., on public procurement, for state-funded organizations, cities, municipalities, etc., including the organization of tenders for obtaining EU funds (e.g. OPEI).

We competently represent the client in the role of a specific contracting authority during the tender procedure so that there is no violation of the law or the rules for the use of funds. Our common goal is to ensure a transparent, non-discriminatory selection process with regard to the most economically and organisationally advantageous way of conducting the tender for the contracting authority. In particular, we are able to offer the possibility of shortening the tender process to the shortest possible time by selecting the appropriate type of procedure and the flexibility of our firm in preparing the necessary documentation.

In addition, we are ready to provide expert care for construction contracts, including, for example, checking the bill of quantities (or even its preparation) and expert assessment of individual tenders directly by our company or in cooperation with the designer.

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Who are our clients?

  • local self-government units (regions, cities, statutory cities, municipalities)
  • state-subsidized institutions
  • recipients of subsidies from certain national programmes and EU Structural Funds, who are obliged to follow the procedure of Act No. 134/2016 Coll., on public procurement, when selecting a supplier
  • beneficiaries of subsidies from the PHARE programme
  • companies, investors and property owners

What do we offer?

  • comprehensive organisation of the tender procedure in accordance with Act No. 134/2016 Coll., on public procurement, from the formulation of the tender conditions to the announcement of the tender result
  • preparation of the tender schedule depending on the type of tender
  • drafting the tender conditions (notice of open procedure, restricted procedure),
  • drafting the evaluation criteria, consulting the contracting authority
  • transmission of the notice of open or restricted procedure to the Public Procurement Information System
  • distribution of the tender documents to tenderers - reproduction and completion of the project documentation and the necessary number of statements of quantities
  • opening the envelopes with the tenders of the individual tenderers, drawing up a report on the opening of the envelopes with the tenders
  • the organisational meeting of the evaluation committee (written notification of the individual members and alternates appointed by the contracting authority)
  • assessment of the tenderers' tenders in terms of their content, completeness and compliance with the tender conditions of the contracting authority, carrying out a 'Tender Analysis', i.e. drawing up a comparative assessment of all tenders for the use of the members of the evaluation committee
  • organisation of the evaluation committee, participation in the evaluation committee (as an invited expert or, if requested by the contracting authority, as a member of the committee)
  • preparation of the 'Report on the evaluation and assessment of tenders' (minutes) including the justification for the selection of the most advantageous tender and other related protocols
  • preparation of the 'Minutes of the meeting' of the evaluation committee
  • drafting the text of the 'Award Decision'
  • cooperation with the contracting authority in resolving any objections from tenderers
  • cooperation with the contracting authority in dealing with any objections of tenderers' appeals at the level of the contracting authority and at the level of the Office for the Protection of Competition
  • the preparation and submission of the contract award notice on the contracting authority's profile
  • preparation of the "Contracting Authority's written report", submission of documentation from the tender procedure
  • drawing up (in cooperation with the contracting authority) a binding draft Contract, which will form part of the tender documentation
  • drafting (in cooperation with the contracting authority) and providing legal assistance to the contracting authority in concluding the contract with the tenderer who submitted the most advantageous tender, and, where appropriate, assisting in concluding the contract with the second and third ranked tenderers

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