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Technical supervision of the builder

We are specialists in the performance of technical supervision of the investor, which takes place throughout the construction period, including planning. Of course, we prepare the necessary documentation and assist in the handover of the construction and approval. Do not hesitate to contact us send a non-binding inquiry, we will get back to you promptly.

  1. Before construction begins

    • studying the project documentation and the contract for work with the construction contractor
    • elaboration of comments on the project and possible proposal of rationalisation improvements
    • familiarisation with the construction schedule or participation in its preparation
    • assessing the proposed technological procedures in terms of feasibility and financial costs
    • checking all specifications to ensure that they comply with international standards.
    • design, implementation and management of a quality control system in accordance with the specification and quality control procedures
    • implementation of corrective actions according to identified deficiencies
    • taking over the alignment drawings and fixed points for the construction (directional and elevation) and securing them against damage from construction traffic
    • preparing and ensuring the handover of the construction site to the contractor in accordance with the contractual relations concluded for the construction
  2. In the course of construction

    • checking the technological procedures for the implementation of individual construction structures and their compliance with the project documentation
    • ensuring the interaction between the designer, senior contractors and contractors of individual professions in the design and implementation of measures to eliminate identified defects and in the implementation of justified changes or savings
    • taking over works carried out which will be covered up during the subsequent construction process
    • consistently requiring the carrying out of prescribed tests
    • monitoring and verifying site operations, including the quality of storage in designated areas, the use of sanitary facilities and the maintenance of cleanliness and order
    • supervising the correct documentation of the construction process, checking the maintenance of the construction log by the contractor, the entries made in the construction log by authorised persons and ensuring that corrective measures are arranged with the contractor
    • checking compliance with the contractual conditions given in the contract for the construction work, compliance with the conditions given in the zoning decision and building permit and compliance with other conditions imposed by state administration authorities or conditions of other authorised bodies
    • monitoring the progress of construction in terms of the approved construction schedule
  3. Construction documentation

    • supervising the proper maintenance of the construction log and reconciling any entries made by the contractor or the authorities authorised to make entries in the construction log
    • keeping records of works not included in the project documentation which the contractor requires to be carried out (extra works, changes compared to the project documentation) and submitting them to the investor, including the contractor's quotation for these works with his own analysis and recommendation for further action
    • supervision and participation in the proper execution of the prescribed tests and revisions and preparation of a record of the test or revision carried out
    • checking the contractor's prescribed documents (declarations of conformity, attestations) on the materials used and products installed, which must be submitted during the approval procedure for the building to be put into use
    • ensuring that any changes are incorporated into the project documentation according to the actual design
  4. Handover of construction and approval

    • carrying out a detailed inspection of all objects to be handed over and drawing up a list of defects and incompletenesses found, with an indication of the date of their removal
    • supervising the removal of the deficiencies and cooperating with the Budget Controller in the release of the retention
    • checking the prescribed documents required for acceptance of the work
    • drawing up the minutes of the acceptance meeting
    • actively assisting the project administrator, architect and general contractor in the approval process, submitting all the necessary documents for approval obtained during the acceptance meeting between the contractor and the investor, including the minutes of the acceptance meeting
    • assistance in the final settlement of the construction

Feel free to send us non-binding inquiry , We'll get back to you as soon as possible.